Thorogood 美國現貨

Thorogood At age 13, Albert H. Weinbrenner started his apprenticeship in his father’s shop by learning to attach outsoles with wooden pegs. Fourteen years later in 1892 he began selling shoes and boots to the jobbing trade from a small store at 140 West Water Street in Milwaukee, WI. Today Weinbrenner remains at the forefront of safety and job-fitted work boot design as well as heritage welted boot manufacturing. Thorogood Boots are welted in Weinbrenner’s Marshfield, WI plant. The Thorogood American Heritage and 1892 collections are unionised all-made-in-the-US boots.

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THOROGOOD 現貨 TH-814-4200 配置 基本款柔軟皮革,  CRISTY 白底, 鞋墊, 尼龍鞋帶, 非常適合長時間穿著,是一款非常舒適的靴款.

THOROGOOD 現貨 TH-814-6201 配置 基本款柔軟皮革,  CRISTY 白底, 使用 塑膠條PLASTIC WELT, 尼龍鞋帶, 非常適合長時間穿著,是一款非常舒適的靴款.